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We can recommend to visit the following places when staying at Kalles house:


Huseby Bruk, a 17th century enviroment with guded tours through a old mannor house and a timely garden surrounded with a fantastic park.

Linnés Råshult, where Carl von Linné was born. A pitoresque garden a´la 1600 with nature walks and a great resturant.

High Chaparall, a wild western amusment park with wild theatre and lots of horses.

Astrid Lindgrens world, good fun for anybony with a childish mind. Very beautiful park and high quality theatre and good food.

Travbanan i Tingsryd, gambling on horses trottning.

Leos lekland i Växjö, indoor playworld for kids up till about 12 or so.

Östregårds loppis, gigantic fleemarket place.

Trädgårdskaféet i Öhr, beautiful old fashioned café, beautiful gardenshop to walk around in.

Some of all the nature reserves aroung here.

A moose inclosure perhaps



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