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About us


After some moving around as a child the summer breaks on grandmothers farm in Skåne turned permanent when our family moved there in 1979. 1996 I finally moved to Fölshult after a number of years in an appartment in Hässleholm. I am an engineer but have since 1994 had fibromyalgica among other things which means that I for many years not have been able to work. This is I am afraid a tragedy for me and I am still struggling with it.


His relatives have lived on the same place för generations. The farm research shows, but for a gap where we can´t find any documentation on, the farm has been passed down in his family for over 200 years! Ingvar works in the building sector and manages the fram on nights and weekends.


Our dauhter, born 2002, is mainly interessted in...


And of course a numer of animals:

The horses which are two friesians and born here on the farm.

Above to the left is Fransje af Fölshult (f Remmelt 323, mf Jildert 299) and to the right her half sister Liesje af Fölshult (f Otte 375, mf Jildert 299) both daughers of our intensly loved but sadly deceased ster mare Welmoed V. (Se under Contact for photoes of her!)



During the summer we have the privilege to reside a small flock of cows, usually five or six mothers with their calves and a bull.


We only have two hens but they give us plenty of eggs so we often can give to our helpers!


Our cats are Sacred Birman and the female is named Tinywinys Marixa Marimekko and naturally is called Marixa. She often comes with a live mouse as a present! She also loves cuddles and patting and when being lifted she relaxes and becomes a wet rag! The male is Tinywinys Qng Qrant and not so naturally is called Masse. This name just stuck to him when Elina mentioned he was like a marshmallow, fluffy, white and sweet. And as Marshmallow is a bit long to use on a everyday basis he ended up being called Masse.

In the summer we often have kittens as we cooperate with a breeder and I could not resist putting a few photos of them here!



And then there are all the whild animals. But they are not always so wild...



FFölshults gård, 34372 Eneryda, 0733374798 or 0702598076,,